IS JESUS A FAKE? Women’s Critical Role

In scriptural accounts, women were credited with first discovering the empty tomb. What might that prove?

In the period culture, women were seen with such low status that they weren’t even considered to be a reliable witness in a court of law. Men treated woman as more of a possession than a partner. So a few short decades later when the first hand accounts of Jesus’ life are recorded in the gospels, the authors wanted to memorialize the events in case Jesus did not return before their death. So, they recorded all they knew to pass along to others in the future.

If you were fabricating a story , wouldn’t you want to be sure it is believable?

If you were fabricating a story that you wanted to be certain was believable, why would you credit women as the first to discover the empty tomb? Unless that is what happened.

Stay tuned for the conclusion of the series, Part 6 of 6

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