Those People

Be honest. You don’t see yourself as a judgmental person.

Many of us have deep-seated ideas of who the homeless are: alcoholics, addicts, the mentally ill, lazy or criminals. Although some of these things may be true at times, these biases overlook the deep and rich character of many people who live in the homeless community.

This book contains stories of some of my homeless friends, people who have meant a great deal to me and have profoundly changed my life for the better. Take time to ThosePeopleCover3Dhear their stories, discover something about their character—and maybe yours—and dispel your myths about the homeless.

Those People – The True Character of the Homeless available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble

“The connection of humanity is incredibly powerful—so many stories told and such a true gift to tell them. Richard effortlessly gives his time and his self to others. By taking on just one of the challenges in his new book, he creates an opportunity for us all to make a difference in the lives of ‘those people’ who appear to be different from us.”

Jessica Sprenger, Former Manager, Catholic Charities: Higher Ground Shelter, Minneapolis, MN

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