IS JESUS A FAKE? Eyewitness Accounts and Disciple Transformation

Today we’ll examine more proof – the written stories by those who claimed to witness the resurrected Jesus and how changes in Jesus’ followers might provide additional clues.

Eyewitness accounts: There are multiple eyewitnesses that reported seeing Jesus alive after his crucifixion and burial recorded in scripture. A skeptic might note that as the accounts are in the bible, how can this be trusted? Bear in mind that those stories were recorded in letters distributed throughout the known world of the time only a couple of decades or so after the events. Many of those claimed in those writings to have been eyewitnesses would still have been alive to refute this, yet there is no record – either written or for oral history – that denies or contradicts the claim of seeing first-hand the living Christ after his execution.

How does one explain the dramatic change in these same men within days?

Transformation in his disciples: Following Christ’s resurrection, his disciples who were mostly blue-collar uneducated men, became passionate advocates for Jesus’ teachings. Immediately after the crucifixion, these same men hid themselves away, probably imaging they may be next to experience a horrific torturous death. How does one explain the dramatic change in these same men within days?

Stay tuned for Part 5 Women’s Critical Role

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