What if there was no Easter?

No Easter demon buster dot com

What would be different in the world if there was no Easter?

To believe there IS Easter means one certain thing. More on that later.

So what WOULD be different?

Modern day charity: There was no one, no group, no organization and no government that cared for vulnerable populations – widows, orphans, the infirm, the homeless, the elderly. Christians stepped into these situations, often at the risk of their own health and safety, to care for those unable. This was emphasized in Jesus’ own earthly ministry. The vast majority of modern day charities were founded by Christians.

Modern day science: Much of the world believed in superstition, yet Christians were the earliest scientist, integrating their discoveries with their faith such as Newton and Galileo (click here for a more complete list)

Higher education: Many of the world’s leading universities were founded based on the organizers’ faith. Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Oxford and Cambridge were started and declared as Christian centers of higher learning.

America, states of the united: Declaring all men are created equal, checks and balances that respect and acknowledge the human nature of people, recognizing moral absolutes (self evident truths) and other ideals were taken from scripture by the founding fathers.

Human rights: Valuing women and children, not so in ancient societies, as well as abolishing slavery were issues pressed on and pursued by modern day Christians.

Arts and Literature: Think of all the beautiful cathedrals built in Europe and as well as some of the wonder Basilicas in the United States. The work of writers such as Shakespeare, Dickens and Milton were all influenced by their faith.


* No U.S.A.

* No organized charities

* Science stuck in the Dark Ages

* No great Universities

* Women and children considered as lesser people

* Far fewer legendary works of art

Would this have all come to pass WITHOUT Christianity? Who knows? We only see the outcomes in retrospect at this point. We do know, clearly, that the influence and accomplishments of Christians has been widespread throughout the ages worldwide.

And what IS the distinction of Christianity? What makes Christianity, “Christianity”?

To believe there is Easter means one must believe that Jesus was raised from the dead, not as others in the Bible were raised from the dead, in the same body just to again suffer death. No, this was a resurrection, in a refreshed body; into an eternal life foreshadowed for all who believe in Him. And he did a for a purpose and its personal. He did that for you.

That’s a big leap – to believe such a thing.

But, hey, look at all those brilliant, creative, talented folks that forged the present day for us; those who developed this world as it is. When you read the list above one must conclude that these are some wicked, smart, talented people and not some uninformed clods.

Yeah, it’s a leap to believe. And it also takes faith to not.

It takes faith. Either way, you already have that.

Happy Easter.


[image credit: demon buster dot com]

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