We come to this time of year reverent, respectful and thankful for those that we’ve lost defending our freedom in America and yet we live in a time of turmoil and division politically. How can we celebrate Memorial Day as a national day of recognition, be a member of a society in which we often don’t agree and still love and follow Jesus?

In Mark 12:13-17 Jesus addresses the subject head on. The Pharisees, the religious leaders of his time, tried to trap Jesus into choosing his loyalty between God and government.

We are to recognize and respect our leaders, whether they are of our choosing, or not. Jesus did not choose those in government that he was subject to and living under. Yet he said to render all things to Caesar that are Caesar’s. The Apostle Paul re-enforced Jesus’ teaching when he wrote in Romans 13:6 that the authorities are God’s servants.

In the Old Testament, Daniel was respectful and helpful to the king he served under. It wasn’t until he was asked to bow and worship the earthly king did he draw a line in the sand, was sentenced to death and responded in faith – which God choose to show up by saving him from the fiery furnace.

We may be tempted to draw lines in the sand ourselves; to protest things in government that seem wrong in our view. Following these examples given to us for our instruction, it seems we are to be careful in our discernment of where the line is to be drawn.

Honor and remember those that fought so that you continue to have the privilege of reading this blog and have the ability to write your own thoughts, ideas and opinions without the fear of oppression or censorship. And continue to serve those we serve under, regardless of party affiliation while carefully choosing our battle lines as those who were instructed by God to leave for us their wise direction.



[photo credit: coin talk dot com]


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