“I have often wondered when Jesus talked about shouldering one’s cross if that meant anything to his followers. They were certainly aware of the crucifixion method used by the Romans, but did they have any idea how to apply what Jesus said? Funny, even though we seem to be able to put this into context today, we find the message of carrying our cross one that is difficult to grasp and even harder to do.”

“Jesus’ call for ‘death’ is to deny our own desires and place his desires first. Oftentimes the way we live this out is by putting other people first.”

During this season when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, let’s think of others first; not only think, but do. Put others needs ahead of your own. Deny yourselve something and give to others. Whether it be giving up lattes and giving the money to those in need, getting up early to serve breakfast at a homeless shelter or simply being a good listener rather than always having to be heard.

Put others first | Die to self | Love Jesus

The above excerpt is from the book “Amazed – Why the Humanity of Jesus Matters”

[photo credit: study pray serve dot com]

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