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In Matthew 26, Peter denies Jesus.

How could Peter do that? After all of the travels, three years living together, being a first-hand eye-witness to physical miracles AND after Jesus told him he’d deny him? It’s hard to believe that Peter would do such a thing, to be so insensitive, to be such a coward. Really?

I may “think” I wouldn’t do that, but that’s arrogant thinking. I may be judging Peter too harshly.

That kind of thinking is EXACTLY that would cause my denial. Just like thinking I can stand up to that particular temptation that has been a lifelong struggle of mine. The key problem is “I”. “I” have done more to mess up my life and the lives of others, hurt people, said the wrong thing at the wrong time and just generally screwed up. That’s when I rely on I; when I rely on myself alone.

I must always rely on Him, His strength, His abilities, His power – and I’ll never then deny Jesus.

[photo credit: hischarisisenough.wordpress.com]

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