Top 5 reasons to buy my new book

RB Head Shot

Ok, enough with the shameless self promotions. I’m only hoping to get your attention 🙂

Here’s the top five reasons to buy my new book:

5. It’s only a 160 pages long so it’s an easy read. And some of the pages are blank.

4. This book will help you know who Jesus is in ways you may have never considered.

3. All proceeds from book sales go to which provides relief and restoration to the homeless and those in need.

2. It aims to help us understand the Big Idea of God taking the form of a man. Why would he do that anyway?

1. You’ve enjoyed my blog and all the free material long enough, so now its time to pay up!

Available on Amazon both in electronic form or paperback, Amazed: Why the Humanity of Jesus Matters is sure to help you along the journey of knowing Jesus.

If you buy the book and you really don’t like it, just email me and I’ll return your money. Seriously.

You can connect with me thru my website at

If you do like it, please post your review on Amazon. Ratings really help….

May you experience God’s presence in your life as you pursue knowing the God/man, Jesus.


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