The Morning Prayer of a Doubter

Dear Father,

A glorious morning, among the millions of mornings you have created. As the light appears, the rain falls gently, caressing the windowpane as I gaze out pondering the biggest question of my life.

Also wonderful are the infinite number of mornings that will transcend into your (and possibly my) future – both here and in eternity. Will there be “mornings”, daytime and nighttime, rest and sleep, as well as rain and storms in my eternity with you?

I sometimes, honestly, quietly question if this future can be so. Is there really a life beyond and am I permitted to be a part of it? Is there really a “God” or creator with his word captured in the bible and believing in him means a life spared forever?

When I give this some intellectual thought, I find no other plausible solution to the creation of this world and mankind without a Supreme Force or Being.

Probability tells us that its extraordinarily likely this “force” must have formed the creation of this world and all that is in it, including people. And when I consider the 331 prophesies about Christ, all of which were fulfilled, and the many proofs about his life even outside of the bible about his birth, life, death AND resurrection, I find in my intelligent self this must be so. And as such, I am compelled to submit myself to all other claims and direction scripture holds.

How wonderful it is that you masterfully provide a share of evidence to reveal yourself to the present world, yet withhold just enough that we must choose, in faith, to believe in you.

I do believe and I look forward to experiencing your renewed creation in your eternal kingdom.

In Jesus name,


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