IS JESUS A FAKE? – Historical Backdrop and Proof of Existence

Is there proof of Jesus and his resurrection?

Every position we take on this or other matters such as the creation story of the earth and universe require some faith. Even science can’t prove its positions with 100% certainty. It only examines the evidence then draws a conclusion. A conclusion that requires us to fill in the empty, unknown spaces.

This is a six part series taking us through some of the evidence to test the existence of Jesus and whether there is merit to the accounts of his resurrection as celebrated presently as Easter Sunday.

So, what evidence do we have of Jesus and the raising from the dead, this one called the “Christ”?

Historical backdrop

The era in which Jesus lived, the first century, was a world dominated and ruled by the Romans with a single man, an Emperor, holding most of the power. Part of the land they ruled was occupied by the Jewish people, who had their own form of government blended with their religion and traditions. In the three short years of Jesus’ recorded ministry, he became a threat to both the Romans and the Jewish leaders. The Roman leadership wanted to keep the region peaceful and limit disruption. The Jewish leadership was offended by Jesus’ blasphemous claims equaling himself to God. So, they had a common enemy in Jesus.

How can we know that Jesus actually does/did exist?

Naturally there are countless mentions of him in scripture, by name in the New Testament and referenced through prophesy in the Old Testament. However, there are written accounts from the period which are not part of the Bible that reference Jesus. Check out the Roman Historian Tacitus, Pliny the Younger who was a Roman governor and Josephus, a first century Jewish historian. Each author references Christ in his writings.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of 6 where we’ll begin to examine the Empty Tomb Theories.

One thought on “IS JESUS A FAKE? – Historical Backdrop and Proof of Existence

  1. Well I know proof that my God exists which is found in Job. Job 26:7 states, “he stretcheth out the north over the empty space and hangs the earth upon nothing.” Job described the earth because Job had taken a tour of the universe and the world with God. God had shown these things to Job and Job says that God “hangs the earth upon nothing.” When the astronauts when to the moon and saw the earth for the very first time, they brought a bible with them to the moon and they read this verse. And it was said that man had to go to the moon in order to discover the earth.


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