Clenched Fists or Open Palms

Jesus came to establish His kingdom here on earth. Many kings and rulers have come before (and after) him to reign and set up their rule in other’s lives.

All have done so with clenched fists, using fights and battles, all to exert their authority.

Jesus came to us with open palms.

He served us by healing the sick. He taught us using stories as well as how to connect with our Father via prayer. And when confronted by his accusers, he did not give into fighting, but he laid open his palms, allowing the Roman soldiers to drive their spikes into them.

How do you live your life? With clenched fists – fighting to keep your lifestyle, your health, control of your relationships, always calling your own shots?

Surrender to the One who will teach you to love and to live with open palms. Not clinging to the things of this world or even this life itself.

Grace and peace to you as we celebrate this most important season.

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