Another version of the Christmas story

It seem clear this passage is written to announce the coming of Jesus. The gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were written decades after the events took place. This verse is found in Isaiah, written 700 years BEFORE Jesus was born. It sure sounds like it is referring to him, hmm?

This is only one of many prophesies about Jesus found in the Old Testament that ALL were fulfilled by his birth, life, death and resurrection. It takes faith to choose Jesus, but he doesn’t ask us to have faith in the absence of proof. There’s lots of proof, so only a little faith is needed. Actually, faith smaller than a mustard seed will do 🙂

This Christmas, consider where you are at with your faith and if you don’t believe fully, that’s ok, so did many of his Apostles (guys Jesus traveled with and later wrote about him). But don’t dismiss having faith without first seeking to establish the facts about Jesus. I like the book “The Case for Christ” as a good proof text to educate on the facts about Jesus.

The choice to follow Jesus provides a life of peace that is out of this world and a hope base on things that never perish. He doesn’t promise it will be easy always, but he promises to accompany you on the journey. My life has changed in imaginable ways for which I can take no credit. I must give it to the One who saved me from the life I led before.


Merry Christmas.

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