Event for Threshold Exceeds Expectations

Threshold to New Life (www.threshold2newlife.org) is our organization that works to “Keep Families Home” by providing small, financial grants often matched by the recipient or other granted funds. We’ve assisted about 1,000 families in the past three years.

We have not really attempted to raise funds in the past. Our funding has been through “attraction rather than promotion”, mostly people that know us and want to support and join in with what we do. Our board felt led to urge us out of our comfort zone to create an event to attract those not yet known to us, to test our message and attempt to gain further support – to add both “friends” and “funds” to our organization.

The outcome was overwhelming.

We had about 80 people in the room, of about 60 were people that had no direct connection to us. We presented what we do and how we’re different. We had two great testimonies by people and partners we’ve helped. It was so affirming and uplifting to those of us that work in the organization as well as for our board members in attendance.

We shattered our goal for friend and fundraising. Now, we get to the necessary task of putting these gifts to work in our community through the families we serve.

We are grateful to a generous God and his role in bringing others to us in loving support.

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