After the verdict

I was in an all-day meeting when the George Floyd murder verdict came out. I no longer feel compelled to measure my words and insert “alleged”. I can simply state what I saw with my own eyes contained within the video taken that day by brave and thoughtful people, the horrified bystanders.

Guilty on all three counts charged.

Returning home from the meeting, it seemed I must go to Minneapolis, unsure of what I would do. So I went, arriving at the Salvation Army Harbor Light, where I first met Big Floyd when he worked security for the homeless shelter. There, in the lobby, were three of his friends from Houston, Floyd’s hometown. Bright smiles washed over each man’s face as we made eye contact. We exchanged high fives and hugs. “We got him!”, was the retort of one of Floyd’s friends.

“We” got him.

It seems to me that there needs to be a whole lot more “we” and “us” in our society and a lot less “I” , “me” and “my”.

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