Virtual Thanksgiving Questions

My family, like many, will not be physically getting together for Thanksgiving. Traditionally it has been a staple gathering time us.

This year, we’re gathering on Zoom.

We selected a time in the middle of the afternoon of Thanksgiving Day – to avoid either the early or late Thanksgiving feasting – so we can come together on a technology most people didn’t know existed and likely never used before March of this year.

Getting on the call and seeing everyone is a bit cathartic, for sure, but it can also be purposeful. As we have all been suffering with a changed world in 2020, turning our thoughts and conversation to gratitude is a healthy departure from the anxiety and stress most of us experience frequently.

Here’s a couple of ideas

  1. Grateful in Six Words: This came to me from a friend. Urge each family member to come up with a phrase no longer than six words to express gratitude. It might sound like, “Three years of being cancer free” or “Final kid is off my payroll” or “Vaccines are on the way – thank you!”

2. Name a highlight: Ask each person to pick one highlight of the year and tell a little about it. It could be anything. No sarcasm allowed!

3. Challenging experience: Another direction to go is to ask each person, “What is one challenging experience this year and what is it teaching you?” This can be a healthy way to reorient what we might find is negative and turn it around so the experience has purpose.

4. Surprise! Ask the question, “What has surprised you, in a good way, during all that has transpired this year?” Again, another way to reorient during challenging times.

We tend to gather so infrequently as extended family members and close friends. Be sure not to waste the moment…make it purposeful.

Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

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