Conversation for the New Year

New Years Eve

OK, so you’ve made resolutions for the New Year in the past and have either failed for forgotten about them. How about another approach?

When you gather with friends for the New Year’s celebration, how about posing some questions to them? Or, do this with a trusted, close person in your life. Try using these questions to frame a conversation:

  • What are you grateful about from last year?
  • Your proudest accomplishment from last year?
  • Whom did you help last year?
  • Who or what people group touches your heart the most?
  • What are you NOT going to do in the next year?
  • What one thing you’d like to get done in the next year?
  • Name one way you can benefit others in the next year?

I believe in the pursuit of happiness, we’re best to give ourselves away. And that sometimes our best ideas simply begin as conversations.

We each have our preferred means and people groups we’d like to impact. But why not start with a conversation with those you know, love and trust about this? You just might find a fresh idea or even a partner for your future exploits.

Have a happy and blessed New Year.

[image credit: boise weekly dot com]
[Questions adapted from “The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity” by Matthew Kelly]

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