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“Much is required from those to whom much is given…”

This applies to me. I could have been born anywhere, but I was born into a country in which I can still express my ideas and my faith. I could have been born in any era, but I was born after many have fought in world wars, sacrificed for my freedom and many others still continue to do so. I could have been born to any family, but I was born to earthly parents that did their best to provided for and love me.

I could have had poor health, but I have enjoyed a strong body for much of my life. I could have been born with poor skills, but I have been freely given many talents. I could have had no training or education, but I was provided access to good schooling. I could have found a poor mate, but I have a God-fearing, loving wife. I could have had sick or rebellious children, but I have kids who love their parents and have the seed of faith in God planted in their hearts. I could have had a bad employer, but I have had the privilege of leading and working on a team of great people. My friends could be shallow and few, but I have many friends with deep, lasting relationships.

I could try to keep all these things to myself, but I give of myself because He gave it all to me and for me. All I have and all I am I owe to Him.




[photo credit quora dot com]

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