water into wine

Many of us know the scene – the wedding at Cana. Jesus, his mother and the apostles attended. It seems it may have been a wedding for a relative or close family friend when considering the guest list.

Weddings were multi-day celebrations. People traveled long distances requiring a great deal of time so they expected to stay, be fed and have plenty of wine to drink while they partied.

When the wine ran out, Mary knowing who her son is and what he’s capable of simply pointed out “They have no more wine”. She didn’t order Jesus or ask him to fix things in some manner as she prescribed – she simply called the situation to his attention. I often feel like telling God what I want the outcome to be and how I’d like him to handle the situation. I love how Mary just brought the problem to Jesus and let him deal with it.

Jesus response strikes me as odd. He says “How does that concern you and me?” (John 2:4) Think of a time that someone is whining to you or begging to have you do something – kids or grandkids make perfect examples here. Be honest. How do you respond? I would say something like “What is your problem?” Notice the difference?

Jesus did take on the concern alone but he seemed to include Mary in it. Did Jesus need Mary to handle the matter? Nope; Jesus is more than capable of turning a little water into wine without anyone’s help. But for some reason he included her in the concern. I wonder why?

Here’s my guess. We have an active part in what goes on in our lives including problems that occur. Jesus is there to support us, encourage us, teach us and even at times to step in and alter the situation in an unexplainable way. We are to give our problems over to him. Yet he often includes us in the solution. He may do this because WE NEED him to. He knows how we’re wired and being part of the solution for people is nearly always better than simply being a bystander.




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  1. I love this! I am so often guilty of bringing difficulties to Jesus along with what I “think” the right solution is. Often times this is specifically healing and in those cases it seems like praying for healing is absolutely right…. But I often carry that to other things… relationship outcomes, issues with siblings and parents and kids…. I learned something today ☺ Now…. All I have to do is practice it.
    Hope you are doing well, the business announcement likely relieved a significant burden and created some new ones, but I have no doubt he has good things in store for you. Prayers continue for Carla…

    Have a great weekend.

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