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How did Andrew play such an important role in all of human belief and connection to Jesus for all the ages, even though he barely had a speaking part in the gospels? What did he do that was so critical and yet so easy to overlook?

He introduced his brother to Jesus. His brother’s name was Simon (Peter) – who became the “rock” of the church. Peter turned out to be a pretty big deal.

Have you ever thought about well-known Christians that have introduced many to Jesus? Consider that they, too, had “Andrews” in their lives that first introduced them to Jesus. There are many examples but among them consider Billy Graham, D.L. Moody and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Being Andrew matters. It may even be more critical than being Peter. The Peters of the world are in the public eye, deal with rejection, are constantly tempted and must step up to lead in tough circumstances. We seem to have many people that think they want to be Peter – as in our nature most of us (including yours truly) struggle with pride and ego and have a desire to be noticed and validated by others. People in the role of Peter do get this, however, their sense of well-being rises and falls with every bit of feedback – if not careful.

We need a lot more Andrews than Peters. The role of Andrew is vitally and important. Introducing your brother to Jesus – no more important thing than that. And it doesn’t require recognition by others, just a humble heart and a love for others to take the risk.

I’ve been working on thinking of myself as Andrew and rather than Peter. Sure, I do have my Peter moments (asked to lead, speak publicly, teach) but most of the time I am Andrew. I am trying to lead with humility and think of myself as someone as “second” and God and others as “first.”

How about adopting the character of Andrew?



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