So what’s the joke about my new book?

So the joke is….I really didn’t intend to write a book, I just wanted to read a book. But it hadn’t been written yet.

I have been interested in knowing more about Jesus – who he is, what he does, how it handles things, what he taught – so after reading the gospels over and over, I thought I’d find other books to read. The genre is called “Christology” which is the study of Jesus humanity. Everything I found was very heady and I didn’t relate to it well. And I believe Jesus wants me to relate to him.

So I wrote this book (with lots of help from a great team).

To find out more about this and more of Jesus life living out his humanity, check out our new book Amazed: Why the Humanity of Jesus Matters available on Amazon.

All the proceeds go to Threshold to New Life ministries, providing relief and restoration for the Twin City homeless.




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