jesus in taiwan

Five years ago this month I found Jesus in Taiwan.

I traveled there on a business trip and decided I wanted to bring Jesus to Taiwan and find Jesus in Taiwan. So I brought five Mandarin Chinese bibles in hopes of delivering these during my trip.  I had a specific plan of when and where I was going to deliver these bibles, but after experiencing a long delay in my flight, my plan was foiled.

Apparently God had things all worked out differently.

I was worried so I prayed about what to do with these Chinese bibles, since the work of my business trip was to begin in the morning. I arrived at my hotel late on Sunday afternoon. I was taking a walk to clear my head and figure out a new plan. As I was walked, I spotted Byron Adams standing outside a church where I was staying in Taichung City.  He’s originally from Canada and has come to live and work in Taiwan with the mission of bringing Jesus. Byron does street ministry on the weekends and was specifically in need of bibles to distribute the coming weekend.

Lee, pictured on the left,  joined the conversation saying he was a new believer and wanted to help Byron with translation.

So, bringing five Chinese Bibles to Taiwan did help me both bring and find Jesus! Think about trying to bring and find Jesus everywhere you go.

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