Seems puzzling. After one of the guards had an ear cut off by a disciple, Jesus heals the man (Luke 22:50-51) and they arrest him anyway? I have wondered what kind of knuckleheads would do this? They must have understood this was a physical healing miracle performed at the hands of the man that was the target of their arrest. Why didn’t they immediately come to believe and let him go?

Then I think about my own life….all the times people have attempted to speak truth into my life. I see the wonderful artwork in nature. I consider the complexity of his creation. And I review the times there seems to be no other plausible explanation other than that a creator that loves me and is involved in my life made a sovereign decision to step in.

Then I come to this conclusion. I’m a knucklehead, too. But thankfully now I am one saved by his grace.

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