I’m not a chemistry expert, but I paraphrased (only to simplify and shorten) this excerpt from “In Six Days”, a book with 50 PHD-authored papers explaining the reasons they believe in a literal six day creation of the Earth, each from the perspective of their field of expertise. The commentator for this chapter is Don Batten. Dr. Batten holds a B.Sc.Agr. with first-class honors from the University of Sydney and a Ph.D. in plant physiology from the University of Sydney.

Chirality is the characteristic of “handedness” for organic molecules like amino acids and sugars. Physical chemistry can produce amino acids under the right conditions, but they are wrong for life to form because they are mixtures of left- and right-hand forms, not the pure ones needed in living things. Only enzymes produce the pure amino acids and sugars necessary for life, but enzyme manufacture requires a living cell. Life is based on life.

There is the insurmountable problem of getting even one functional enzyme by random processes, even if you could get all the ingredients assembled together. Consider just one enzyme comprised of a typical 300 amino acids. Even if we are generous to assume that only 150 amino acids have to be specified for the function of the enzyme, the probability of getting a functional sequence is less than 1 in 10195.

We cannot imagine such an improbability. There are possibly 1080 atoms in the universe. If we made every atom in our universe it’s own universe, and every one of those atoms were an experiment for every millisecond of the presumed evolutionary age of our universe, this would amount to 10181 experiments – still a long way short of even the remotest chance of getting one functional enzyme. That’s just one enzyme. This simplest living cell must have at least several hundred enzymes/proteins.

I hoped you followed this. Scale this up to all the living things on our planet? Impossible? At least wildly unlikely that our world was formed by chance. Maybe more than wildly?

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